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SI Lever Action Gunfighting DVD

The lever action rifle has been around the American scene since the days of the old west.  In its day, it was the cowboy's assault rifle and is now such a fixture in our national consciousness that some do not even consider it a weapon. That is a distinct benefit to those living in oppressed regions where the private ownership of combat weapons is restricted.

SI Lever Action Gunfighting DVD
290.00 ZAR





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SI SAGA Shotgun Gunfighting DVD

The Saiga shotgun is the epitome of the combat shotgun.  Designed specifically for anti-personnel uses, rather than a modified sporting weapon, it leaves even the most expensive tube-fed guns in the dust.  Long used by the competition shooting community, the Saiga is also the top choice for real world combat shooters.

595.00 ZAR





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Si AR 15 / M4 Rifle Gunfighting

Of the world's infantry rifles, the AR-15 system and its various derivatives is one of the most prolific.  It has been the US military's weapon for decades and will likely remain in that position for the rest of our lives.  Like it or hate it, it is here to stay.

Si AR15 Gunfighting DVD
450.00 ZAR

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SI Mini 14 Gunfighting DVD

The Mini-14 has been a fixture in the “urban rifle” world since it was first introduced in 1974 by Ruger. Although it has seen service with many major police agencies around the world,it is often overlooked by tactical shooters because it is not “tactical enough”.

Si Mini 14 Gunfighting DVD
350.00 ZAR

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