In modern society's perception, presenting information to the public requires a certain level of credibility and accreditation. However, regarding the topics of concealment and camouflage, one cannot simply enrol in a community college or university and earn a degree majoring in camouflage. To be a recognized expert, you must have either specific military sniper training or practical, self-initiated life experience.
With large portions of the world's public having hobbies such as hunting and wildlife photography, ghillie suits began making a transition from a strict military application to a broader and more diverse civilian market. Hunters and photographers looking for a way to get a closer shot, with firearm and camera, decided to look at the advantages of the ghillie suits. Recent material technology has made three-dimensional camouflage the wave of the future in hunting apparel. Modern hunting camouflage patterns are well intentioned, but sometimes become more of a fashion statement rather than a practical concealment tool.
Ghillie suits are finding a niche of their own within the hunting community for hunters who are looking to bring home trophy animals or have a greater degree of hunting success.
Hunting technology has produced cover scents, scent-blocking clothes, ultraviolet light blockers, unscented hunters soap, high-definition camouflage, and even scent-blocking chewing gum. Can you have success without these items? Yes, our fathers and grandfathers filled game tags without them. The ghillie suit, like other products, can increase your success rate.

Police departments also benefit from the employment of ghillie suits for surveillance and stakeouts/raids. Unconventional types of ghillie suits like the urban can result in greater intelligence-gathering success. This type of suit is highly effective for private detectives and special investigators in the areas of insurance fraud and worker's compensation claims.
The advent of paintball weapon systems and the more recent Airsoft pellet weapons, tactical sport combat enthusiasts have found a third niche for ghillie suit applications. While these games simulate combat, everyone survives and is able to reassess tactics and devise new strategies. Here, the ghillie suit is a tactic that makes other gaming tactics possible in much the same way as it would in a real combat operation.
As stated earlier, the ghillie suit is a tactic in and of itself. Its main purpose is to help you blend into the surrounding landscape. It is important to realize that a ghillie suit does not make you invisible or undetectable. However, the probability of detection is less when compared with not using a ghillie suit. While the use of a ghillie suit will most often produce higher success rates, the greatest successes come from knowing everything possible about the environment in which you intend to use your ghillie suit.



SA Ghillie Suits

What makes SA Ghillie suits different...

    •    Fire Retardant
    •    100% Natural looking
    •    Non-Allergenic
    •    Non-UV Brightened
    •    Proudly South African

  • Hand Made - Based on African Terrain
  • Custom Design to Suit Your Terrain
  • Supporting the Handicapped

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