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As an operator in the Police Special Task Force I am continuously looking for better equipment for the unit. 
I was not satisfied with our standard issue holster and approached WOLVERINE QTG. Together we developed an up -to-date 
thigh holster for urban and rural applications. This gave rise to the tactical thigh holster and the adverse environmental
 thigh holster.  The adverse environmental holster was designed after a prolonged rural operation. I now find that this 
holster covers my tritium night sights and tactical light whilst keeping out sand and other debris which can cause a 
malfunction of the firearm.
During our operations we demand our equipment to meet our extremely high standards and have found that WOLVERINE QTG 
is not only capable to meet these demands but  continuously does so.

Inspector. W.W. Pannell.
Urban Instructor / Operator.
South African Police Special Task Force

My compliments on your duty belt, which I have been wearing for the past few months. 
I have been particularly impressed with the belt as I suffer from chronic lower back ache due to an old injury, 
which is aggravated by the wearing of a handgun, even when using a good quality leather belt and holster. 
The Wolverine duty belt allows me to wear a handgun for extended periods of time with no back ache at all, 
presumably due to the integrity of construction of the belt. 
I look forward to acquiring more of your products. 
Best regards
Mr. Gerhard Dreyer 
Owner Table Mountain Guns, (Cape Town South Africa) 
NRA Instructor

Dear Gerald
I am an active member of the Crime Prevention Unit in the South African Police Service stationed in Milnerton, 
Cape Town. About three years ago I acquired one of yours companies Tactical 1 vest. 
During this time that I have utilized your vest with great success. The contact situations that I have been 
involved in include armed robbery, serious house-breaking where the suspects were armed and high speed vehicle 
chases which regularly involved the suspects exiting their vehicle and having to pursue them on foot. Without 
your tactical 1 vest, I would not have been able to successfully effect the arrests as all my equipment is 
compactly secured within the pouches, i.e.: extra magazines, radio communication and emergency medical supplies. 
I have also found it to be body friendly, very comfortable and light.
I firmly believe that I will be getting a lot more use and success in the years to come as I wear your Tactical 1 vest 
everyday while I work.
Thank you
Inspector Gary Bower
S.A.P.S. Milnerton
Cape Town
South Africa