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Links to respected forums, both real world and airsoft related. Airsoft manufacturers website as well as special forces websites. respected firearm trainers and WOLVERINE QTG stockist.

•    Real World Weapons TRAINING
Gabe is a good friend of ours and a warrior. He is the most sought after  firearms instructor internationally., Check him out and make an effort to attend his training classes, we guarantee you won't be sorry.
A close friend of ours and an excellent instructor.


A new real-world forum in South Africa for the fighting arts. No sport shooting, Linked in with warriortalk from Gabe Suarez
Honest, down to earth forum. No armchair commandos here. Gear discussion, tactics, articles. Run by our good friend Gabe Suarez.
An exceptional real firearm forum. Most probably the leading in the world.


These quiet professionals are the pride of the South African military. This is a very informative insight to a highly secretive branch of South Africa military machine.
C (Rhodesia) Squadron 22 Special Air Service Regiment. For those of you who don't know where Rhodesia is, it is now Zimbabwe
So you want to be a South African Navy Diver?


A fine publication covering most of the hotspots around the world.


A good friend of our, check out the site and please pray for his release. A Good man, in the wrong place
Gun Owners of South Africa. Dedicated professionals against the draconian firearms control act that threatens to destroy South Africa.
SAAPA has officially aligned itself as a governing body of airsoft with GOSA, to strengthen the fight for our sport.
Specialized diving training and operations

Carl Brashear, Master Chief Boatswain's Mate, U.S. Navy (Retired), a true hero for all military divers.
Neal Knox fight for firearm freedom. A worthy cause. Check them out and give them your support.
Missions organization who see and report exactly what is going on in the world. Real life accounts. Better than CNN etc.
Good friends of WOLVERINE Quality Tactical Gear. Check out and subscribe to there magazine @

For all your hunting requirements.




A new distributer for our WOLVERINE Quality Tactical Gear equipment, ask for our products at the counter. Based in the Gauteng region, South Africa.

A fine company that can get anything for you. try them out, if it is out there and you need it, they can get it !, (nothing illegal though).
One of the many reputable stockiest of WOLVERINE Quality Tactical Gear.

3.  SureFocus

4.  Dave Sheer Guns

Tel: 011-6405010


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