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So many companies promise you the world if you would just buy their product. But from experience you’ll know that most of them can’t deliver on their promises. That’s the reality.

At WOLVERINE Quality Tactical Gear cc we can’t promise you the world, but what we can give you is Quality Tactical Gear and high end airsoft replica's.

When you buy a WOLVERINE product, you’ll come armed with the knowledge that our product originates not just from anywhere, but from the rugged terrain of Africa! Ask those who have served with pride within the Southern African Military Forces – whether as an infantry man, a pilot or as Special Forces, (Recce, Special Task Force, Navy Diver). They will tell you that Africa is an unforgiving land with a range of climates, from the icy cold waters around the Cape Peninsula to the hot, bone dry landscape of the northern regions. WOLVERINE tests its products under these conditions, and they stand the test.

Also know that when you buy a WOLVERINE product, you become a member of our family. We seek to give you quality products that will enable you to overcome past bad experiences, to excel in your present situations and to have peace of mind for the future. Our products are there for you to utilize with confidence and pride.

The last couple of years have seen massive changes in our world, and in such a short space of time. On the one hand we have all seen and felt the extreme terrorist actions against the free world. On the other hand, we see new and exciting developments and designs from within the tactical gear industry. To those of the WOLVERINE family who are serving in remote regions, cold, wet and hungry, serving selflessly and with pride, we are honored that you have chosen us to serve alongside you in your darkest hours. We have been there with you and will be there for you to the very end.

WOLVERINE Quality Tactical Gear cc is first and foremost a Christian company. We are here to bring glory to Jesus Christ. Through Him we do all things and we have been greatly blessed by Him. This is the sole reason why we exist today. Don't like it, Tough !

"And Blessed be Your Name when I'm found in the desert place, though I walk through the wilderness

Blessed be Your Name"

Best wishes and God Bless.

Gerald Bailey


WOLVERINE Quality Tactical Gear cc

Cape Town

South Africa