Established in 1993, Vega Holster has built a worldwide reputation of exceptional quality, performance and innovation in the design, manufacture and delivery of Holsters, Cases, Pouches and Accessories for Police, Law Enforcement and Military Uses.
Vega Holsters is specific expertise lies in offering quality, sewn and/or molded holsters, belts, cases, pouches and accessories manufactured from a variety of leather, synthetic materials, and polymer materials.
Headquartered in Calcinaia, Tuscany-Italy, the Vega Holster complex includes more than 3.000 Mt²   of research, design, development, manufacturing and support facilities.


Our own brands are sold to thousands of retailers and distributors worldwide, many of whom have been our customers for over 15 years. We have been a favored military contract provider for over 1 decade.

Some Vega Important Clients are:

  • The Italian Police for Holsters, magazine cases and others accessories.
  • The Italian Carabinieri for Holsters, magazine cases and others accessories.
  • The Italian Military Force for Holsters, magazine cases and others accessories.
  • The French Marine for Holsters, magazine cases and Laynards.
  • The French Military corps for Holsters, magazine cases.
  • The Greece Police for Holsters, magazine cases and others accessories.
  • The Spain Police for Holsters, magazine cases and others accessories.
  • The Portugal Police for Holsters, magazine cases and others accessories.
  • The Venezuela Police for Holsters, magazine cases and others accessories.
  • The Mexico Police for Holsters, magazine cases and others accessories.
  • The Emirates Police for Holsters, magazine cases and others accessories.
  • Many Security Groups and Police department around the world use the Vega Products.
Many Military Groups (USA, Italian, Spain, Portugal, France, England, Swiss, Sweden…....) use the Vega Holster products in their hard Mission around the World.


Vega Holster can offer a full service operation with our experienced multi-tasked staff, that can take your product from initial concept through to on-time delivery. From your initial contact and RFQ, to design & prototypes, tooling & manufacture, then final shipment and delivery, you can be assured your product will receive the critical attention it demands.


Our engineering and design team uses the most advanced technology during the design and development process, assuring detailed accuracy to meet your precise specifications.


Be it traditional hand stitched leather, molded synthetics, Original Cordura nylon pouches, polymers or other material, Vega Holster can determine and source the best material for your product, to your specifications.


All Vega Holster products are Made in Italy with the best and advance materials available in the market, with Italian machinery and with expert Italian workers.

A few of the materials that we use:

  • Cordura® Nylon
  • Real Top Italian Quality Leather
  • Ballistic Weave
  • Kydex Polymer
  • IKK Snaps
  • IKK Chain
  • ITW Plastic Accessories
  • 2M Plastic Accessories

A few of the products we manufacture:

  • Holsters
  • Belts
  • Pouches
  • Cases
  • Bags
  • Vests
  • Gloves


At Vega Holster, we know the importance of delivering your product “on time”. Whether it’s an order for 1 - 1,000 or 10,000 units, our integrated manufacturing facilities, unique process consolidation, inventory management, and on-site packaging & shipping facilities allow us to assure delivery of your order even on tight schedules.


Our dedicated team of customer service professionals and project managers will follow your project through from start to finish. You’ll receive knowledgeable, personalized attention with absolute responsiveness and reliability anytime you require.

Vega Holster is a ISO 9001/2008 certificate company.

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Realworld, high quality gear, Vega Holster is a ISO 9001/2008 certificate company.

So let's talk Vega Holsters. Vega wasn't satisfied to be the best of the best in leather holsters. They decided to apply all that fine Italian leather craftsmanship to a light weight polymer material and a design suitable for professional use (that means cops!) The result is a high quality genuine Vega Holster with all the old world charm of...of a S.W.A.T. team! Vega Holsters are only available through one distributor in South Africa, WOLVERINE QTG.

The VegaTek Technology is so new the patent is still pending. But you don't need a patent (or a badge) to own one of these babies. Vega has applied its characteristic experience and technological know-how to this latest series of thermo-molded polymer holsters. Vega knows that the materials used in its holsters, whether leather or polymer, are critical to quality performance. That's why they use a premier polymer material that offers high resistance to abrasion, impact, weather, chemicals, friction and heat. Most importantly, it can withstand the most damaging element of all -- YOU! So if you need a holster that works as hard as you do -- get yourself a VegaTek .

Advantages of the VEGATEK polymer holster are many:

• lightweight with a slim profile
• non-deformable molded polymer that's tough as nails
• form fitted molding to maintain your handgun in a secure and stable position
• integrated automatic, simple, easy to use rapid release (redundant) safety control system
• multiple belt loop clips for optimal carry options
• it's a Vega!

The Vega VKP8 VegaTek Pro Holster features a simple but effective automatic safety locking system developed to replace the standard security lace. When you holster the gun a safety catch automatically engages on the trigger guard holding the gun securely in the holster until you release it. Unlike some automatic holster trigger guards where you have to fumble around and find the button to push, the VegaTek has a simple flat flange. It's easy to feel and easy to push, releasing the trigger catch and allowing quick and seamless weapon draw. If you want added protection against inadvertent release of the primary safety lever, you can engage an added removable catch. This might be appropriate if you are engaged in heavy physical activity while carrying, could possibly be involved in physical combat, or other activities that could activate the primary release by accident. In addition, the holster provides a retention screw adjustment to optimize the fit for your exact weapon.

The VegaTek VKP8 comes standard with two polymer belt mounting platforms, either of which attaches to the holster body. The SolidLoop 8K23 belt clip is an injection-molded special polymer belt loop featuring double holes for up to a 60mm belt. The multiple holes allow adjusting the height and inclination and is offset to hold the holster just a bit further away from the body. The standard BodyLoop belt clip holds the holster closer to the body and also allows for adjustment of the holster height and angle.

Model selection is still fairly limited on this brand new item. Currently, the VegaTek Pro VKP8 model is available in:

Model P800: Beretta 92/98 Compact Auto 4-1/4"
Model P800: Beretta 92/96/98/Brigadier Auto 5"
Model P808: Beretta PX4 Storm Auto 4"
Model P804: Glock 17/22/31/37 Auto 4 1/2"
Model P809: Glock 19/23/25/32/38 Auto  4"
Model P802: H&K USP Standard Auto  4-1/4"
Model P846: H&K USP Compact/P2000 Auto 3-1/2"
Model P807: Sig Sauer Pro 2022 Auto  3-3/4"
Model P800: Taurus PT92/99/100/101 Auto 5"
Model P812: Walther P99 Auto 4"

VEGA Holster Twin magazine case (Thermo molded cordura)

The VEGA Holster Twin magazine case (Thermo molded cordura) has Polymer tips on each flap for rapid release. The VEGA Holster Twin magazine case (Thermo molded cordura)is able to be carried in the horizontal and vertical position on its polymer belt loop.

VEGA Holster Twin magazine case (Thermo molded cordura)
295.00 ZAR

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Vega Under Shirt Holster is a concealment carry system where it is possible to conciel pistols, wallets, cell phones, documents, radio and different accessories.

650.00 ZAR

650.00 ZAR

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