VO Key Mode 12 Inch Quad Rail Acom 1

Tac Vector Optics Key Mod Free Float Handguard Rail Mount

Free float design attaches directly to the receiver without touching the barrel or impacting barrel harmonics.
Universal keymod rail system allows for modular attachment of picatinny rifle accessories such as bipods, grips, lights, or sights.
All Monstrum Tactical AR-15 Quad Rail Handguard products are backed with a lifetime warranty.

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Shotgun Rail Systems

Variouse attachment solutions for your shotgun, both tactical and defensive as well as sporting


Shotgun Rail Systems Tri Rail
350.00 ZAR

Remington 870 Picatinny Rail Mount
405.00 ZAR

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Galil, R, LM Series Rail Systems

The TacVector Optics Galil Tactical quad Rail is a tactical-grade quad rail for the IMI Galil rifle LM, R series battlefield rifles. You'll have plenty of room for mounting scopes, light, lasers and other gearimage with the 11-inch top rail, and smaller rails on the sides and bottom. The Picatinny rails on the TacVector Optics Galil Tactical quad Rail are built of anodized aircraft grade aluminum.

Tacvector Optics Galil, R, LM Series Rail Systems
1,500.00 ZAR







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Tacvector Optics FAL Tri-Rail System

TacVector Optics FN/FAL Tactical Quad Rails w/Zero Retention. Designed from MNT-T981 and achieves maximum strength quad rail which is precision machined from aircraft grade aluminum. The TacVector Optics FAL Quad Rail Mount System includes 22 slots on top, 25 slots on each side and 25 slots on bottom. The TacVector Optics Quad Rail MNT-T981 by TacVector Optics installs easily with no gunsmithing required.

Tacvector Optics FAL Tri-Rail System
1,450.00 ZAR




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