LASERSPEED LS-F1C Tactocal Compact 225lm Weapons light

THIS LASERSPEED LS-F1C is a tactical mini-compact flashlight, which can be installed on the firearms,handguns or other equipments with Picatinny rails or GLOCK rails,like tactical helmet or wrist.


LASERSPEED LS-F1 Tactical Compact 225lm Weapons light
795.00 ZAR



The LS-F1C is a compact tactical weapons light, that will not let you down. High quality for an affordable price, giving you the advantage in low light operations

  • Spec.\Model LS-F1C
    Light source 3 watts LED
    Max. output 225 Lumens
    Working mode switching Continuous and momentary (Strobe flashlight is optional.)
    Battery type 3.0 volts, CR123 Lithium battery, 2pcs.
    Run time 5h
    Rail type Picatinny rails and GLOCK style rails.
    Working temperature -40℃-+85℃
    Dimension 86(L)*41(W)*38(H)/mm


LASERSPEED LS-F1 Tactical Compact 225lm Weapons light
795.00 ZAR




CYTAC Single Point Sling

This sling is constructed of high quality nylon. Tactial sling is highly durable for applying to all SMGs and tactical rifles. Can be used in compact retracted mode for carrying and CQB shooting- and with a snap of a push-button, the sling fully releases forward for maximum aiming freedom for around-the-corner shooting.
The construction is made to military specifications, which ensures that this product will last a long time, throughout all conditions. The material is resistant to water, and can handle damp environments easily, maintaining its structure.


Flyye Single Point Tactical Sling BLK
155.00 ZAR

Flyye Single point Tactical Sling OD
155.00 ZAR

Flyye Single Point Tactical Sling KH
155.00 ZAR

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Emerson Tactical PJ BUMP Helmet

A great replica of the Ops Core BUMP tactical helmet. Fully adjustable for maximum comfort. High quality, light weight helmet for your airsoft / paintball missions.

Investment: R680.00

1,150.00 ZAR


1,150.00 ZAR


1,250.00 ZAR

Multi Cam


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VEGA Holster Emergency Rigger Belt

The VEGA Holster Rigger's Belt is made with heavy duty Mil-Spec webbing and parachute grade buckles. It is a single thick layers, so it is more rigid than other belts on the market. The running end has Velcro to lock it down to the belt and keep it from flapping around. The belt will fit through military issue BDU's and most other standard belt loops. The VEGA Holster  Rigger's Belt is an exceptional everyday belt whether you are a firearm owner and carry your firearm everyday or if you just want a high end real world rigger belt.

VEGA Holster Riggers Belt BLK
680.00 ZAR


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Tactical Intervention Belt 02S

If you are a professional who demands the very best in a belt to carry your tactical gear, you will appreciate the extra strength and durability built into our high quality belt for professionals, the Tactical Intervention Belt 02s.

Tactical Intervention Belt 02S
250.00 ZAR

Logo Lifetime Limited

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We only stock REAL WORLD slings, from Flyye and J-Tech
A selection of the finest hydration units avaiable, Camelbak and Flyye.