Modify Modular Gest Set

The Modify Modular Torque Up Gear Set for TM Gearbox Ver.2 is a drop in gear set that is good to go right out of the bag.

Modular Gear Set 7mm Ver.2/Ver.3, NanoTorque 22.2:1
900.00 ZAR
Modular Gear Set - SMOOTH 7mm Ver.2/Ver.3, Speed 16.32:1
995.00 ZAR

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ARES Sector Gear Delay Chip

ARES Gear sector clip:
This reinforced sector clip enables a delay on the releasing time for the tappet plate (nozzle bar). It improves bb feeding by delaying nozzle forward movement. Although it is just a very small part, it instantly enhances the A.E.G.'s reliability and performance.
Gear sector clip WILL NOT create power loss or erosion on the tappet plate.

ARES Sector Gear Chip
25.00 ZAR

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Energy AEG Gear Set

Perfect for 100 -130 spring rigged gearboxes. Well priced, now gearbox upgrades do not have to cost the value of your AEG.

Energy AEG Gear Set
295.00 ZAR

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