ARES AMOEBA Assault Rifle

The ARES AMOEBA Assault Rifle is with the 3rd Generation Electronic Firing Control System Circuit which is the modified one. It is an upgrade version withstand large firing current to around 30A, enhanced ABS improved piston positioning. It is suitable for the advance players setting and able to withstand rapid semi fire.

ARES AMOEBA Assault Rifle
5,850.00 ZAR

Amoeba AM-013

ARES AMOEBA Assault Rifle
5,850.00 ZAR


Electronic Firing Control System


    ▪    Magnetic sensors control piston position
    ▪    Reduce stresses on spring, spring last longer and steady BB speed
    ▪    Enhance precision Brake (Golden EFC board)
Ø  Cut off braking power after each cycle
§  New generation electronics trigger system
Ø  Full cycle with one triggering (even 3 round burst).
Ø  Able to withstand rapid semi fire
Ø  Long trigger life time.
Ø  Simple programming and installation
Ø  Easy to adjust trigger stroke (Can be around 2mm trigger stroke)
    ▪    Easy to replace and upgrade the EFCS board