1. Reverse charging is not acceptable。

2. Charge before use,use the correct charger for Li-Poly batteries。

3. Do not charge / discharge with more than the specified current。

4. Do not short circuit the cell / battery。

5. Do not incinerate or mutilate the cell/battery。

6. The life expectancy may be reduced if the cell / battery issubjected to adverse conditions, like extreme temperature, deep cycling, excessiveovercharge /over-discharge。

Ambient Temperature

Standard charge:32℉~113℉ ( 0℃~45℃ )

Discharge:-4℉~140℉ ( -20℃~60℃ )

Storage:-4℉~104℉ ( -20℃~40℃ )

Intellect Lipol Alarm

A must have for players using lipo battery. It beeps when the voltage of the battery drops below the safety level and prevents over-use of lipo battery.

lipol Alarm
110.00 ZAR

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